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We're Not Saying Men Are Dogs, but...

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We're Not Saying Men Are Dogs, but...

There’s a lot of pressure on men to find just the right Valentine’s Day gift.   There’s the standard chocolate and flowers, which is always nice, or jewelry. But women get more practical as they mature, and sometimes want the little things that make a huge difference.

Women often feel very practical when it comes to money.  Flowers die, chocolate makes us fat, jewelry is expensive and I have enough.  What we need is peace and quiet, down time for ourselves, relaxation and to feel that those in our family love, appreciate and are grateful for us. 

Women spend so much time cleaning, and it’s a never ending cycle.  When we’re on our knees, cleaning around the base of the toilet, we start wondering if we’re really appreciated because the stuff down there doesn’t make us feel loved.  And it’s endless. 

No sooner do we clean the house, than it gets dirty and dusty all over again.   Sometimes it feels like our family doesn’t appreciate us because they don’t seem to make the effort to pick up after themselves after we clean.  We wonder, “don’t they love me?” 

Well, of course, we know you love us!  But, cleaning is the worst.  The toilets, the floors, the pets, the laundry! 

If you really want to impress your wife, or significant other, for Valentine’s Day, show her how much you care by acknowledging that she works hard to keep your house clean and that it’s hard work.  There’s nothing that feels better than coming back to your own fresh smelling home all clean when you didn’t have to do it yourself.  She can have her glass of wine and relax without feeling the pressure and aggravation of running around picking up and cleaning.

Show her you love her by giving her a clean house.  A gift the whole family will enjoy. Really show her you care by signing up for regularly scheduled cleaning.  I can promise you that she’ll be grateful in all the ways men hope for on Valentine’s Day and she’ll be in a much better mood.   

Maids of Honor wishes you nothing but love and romance for Valentine’s Day.  We make it easy to purchase a cleaning as a Valentine’s Day present. 


Valentine’s Day Special Offer:  If you start new, ongoing service, receive $50* off.

Clients who refer a friend, receive $25** off. 

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We offer free estimates and serve Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Litchfield Park.   

*$10 off the 1st clean, $15 off the 2nd & $25 off the 3rd

**after new client starts their regular service.

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"Since I was expecting out of town guests I wanted to have a clean home. After some research I chose to have Maids of Honor do the cleaning. They greatly exceeded my expectations! I have never in my life had my kitchen cleaned so thoroughly by anyone before. I will certainly recommend Maids of Honor to anyone I know looking for a service. Thanks to you all."

Margie M. - Phoenix